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Check out our custom estimation tools for your business...

Estimating, the way it's supposed to be.


Snap Estimation smooths the process of gathering information for estimates.


Clients visit your website:

  • Fill out a short and simple questionnaire

  • Enter their project dimensions

  • Upload their photos.


SNAP ESTIMATION saves your business a ton of time

+ helps capture more potential clients without the need for an onsite visit.


Aaron Overholser, co-founder, started his business building custom cabinets right out of high school. One of the most challenging parts of starting Overholser Cabinets for him was learning to ask customers the right questions to find their exact needs.


As the custom cabinet business grew, it began to demand more and more of his time. Aaron found it very hard to have evenings free for his family and be able to meet with his clients. Even after hiring an estimator, it was still time consuming to drive to a client’s home, meet with them, collect dimensions, and create an estimate.


Thus, Snap Estimation was born.

Snap Estimation Founders Aaron and Joe

We're hearing great reviews from our clients (Contractors) + their customers....

Image by Lachlan Donald

“Providing estimates is very time consuming, and the sooner I can get someone a price the more likely I am to get the job!”


“People come to me kicking tires, having no idea what my services cost. If I can get them a price without meeting in person it saves us both a lot of hassle.”


“Young people nowadays don’t like to meet in person or even talk on the phone. If they can get a price for their project through my web page I can reach a whole new clientele” 


“Snap Estimation was a life saver during the pandemic. It allowed me to get pricing for people without going to their home or having an in person meeting.”


“Snap Estimation is well worth the money! I get leads I never would have and it saves me time!”


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